Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3 - A Message From Pastor Keith

It is Day 3 of our 21 Days of Elevation Fast! Congratulations to all of you who are participating in this life “altaring” event! I am in Sacramento, California today participating in the Get Motivated Seminar. The time here is 11:20 am. I conducted an on stage interview with gold medalist and world champion swimmer Michael Phelps. I felt like I was talking to my son Joshua!! It is amazing to meet a person with the same temperament as my son! When I greeted him this morning in the green room before we went on stage, he was yawning and had his head down…I thought, “this is Josh!”

Today is a great day! So far, I have consumed 96 ounces of water and my goal is to get to 128…a gallon by 12pm…12 minutes from now. I woke up this morning Practicing Gratitude. I want to encourage you to follow the plan of prayer we have laid out in the 7 Specifics of our Fasting and Prayer.

I also want to remind you that you CAN eat FISH these first 7 days of the fast. Stay away from meats and sugar specifically and refer to the Eat this and Not that info during our fast. Please drink plenty of water…in fact only water during this fast unless you can find pure juice or have a juicer.

The first miracle of Elevation during this fast has happened for me today. Some of you know I had a car stolen last summer. The dynamics of what has been involved are to detailed to go into, however, no progress has been made until now! I just received notice that the insurance company is going to write me a check for the car!!! Thank YOU God!

Please keep us posted on your Elevation miracles!!!

Following Hard After God,
Pastor Keith


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